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Basement Finishing in Central & Northern New Jersey & Staten Island 

Basement Finishing in Central & Northern New Jersey & Staten Island, NY

It takes a great deal of preparation to properly finish a basement. Many homeowners tackle basement finishing on their own without the help of a good contractor, only to end up tearing it all up later due to moisture and water damage.

Scaldino Basement Solutions offers the help of skilled and experienced basement contractors in NJ who can make sure you have a healthy living environment in your basement that will last. We’ll give you a free estimate that includes all work and materials from start to finish

Our company specializes in basement construction, waterproofing and all water issues. We’re committed to making your house a healthy environment for those who live in it.

Our Basement Finishing Process & Materials Used

  • Frame out the basement with metal studs or mold resistant wood
  • Use mold resistant sheetrock throughout basement
  • We can either install drop ceiling or sheetrock (up to homeowner)
  • Install full or half bathroom
  • Install all electrical needs per code
  • Build custom shelves, bars or any other accessories
  • We recommend either vinyl floor or tile floor

Scaldino Basements Only Uses Safe Materials

  • Non-organic materials - Because organic materials such as wood, carpet, sheetrock and paneling offer a perfect breeding ground for mold.
  • Metal studs and green sheetrock, which is moisture resistant.
  • Tile flooring and polyester carpet with finish, along with the added protection of a moisture barrier below.
  • Plastic boxes and covers for your outlets that are safe and code compliant.

We usually recommend sheetrock ceilings with recessed lighting and two closets. We rarely insulate because insulation is one of the number one causes of moisture problems that can ruin a finished basement. We believe it’s a waste of your time and money. We also don’t recommend spray foam because it can lead to pest problems and deteriorate sill plates.

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Basement Finishing Gallery

The Elements of a Properly Finished Basement

A properly finished basement isn’t just one that looks nice. It has to be built to last and hold up against New Jersey’s climate, which is one of the most humid in the United States. If basement finishing isn’t done right, it can lead to water problems. Aside from the negative health effects basement moisture causes, it also forces you to eventually demolish and rebuild, costing more money and taking more time.

A good finished basement starts with a sound and moisture-free structure. We check to make sure your foundation is perfectly solid and dry, with efficient water systems and back-ups to handle moisture problems and power outages.

We start your basement finishing from the ground up with non-organic materials that won’t get mold infestations. Scaldino Basement Solutions offer inorganic floor tiles made from 70% recycled materials that are available in 20 different styles suited to everything from utility closets to basement offices and garages. We also offer tiling.

Floor Shield is a product we offer that’s unique. It’s an organic product that creates a moisture barrier between your carpet and slab that’s much more effective than just laying down the carpet directly on the slab. Floor Shield creates an air gap that allows the slab to channel water out and stay dry, eliminating that cold floor feeling.

Once your basement is finished, we install a good dehumidification system that can effectively fight New Jersey’s moisture.

We serve Union, Middlesex, Monmouth, Essex, Morris, Somerset, Bergen, Passaic and many other counties in NJ as well as Richmond County Staten Island NY. Call us today!

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