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5 Crawl Space Waterproofing in NJ Tips

5 Crawl Space Waterproofing in NJ Tips

If you have a home anywhere at all in the state of New Jersey, you’re at risk for serious crawl space problems. This is because we have high humidity and quite a bit of rain. Plus, many of the state’s old houses weren’t built with insulation in mind. A wet crawl space puts your house at risk. A crawl space mold infestation can infect the entire house with mold spores, causing serious indoor air quality problems.

You can solve a good number of crawl space waterproofing problems without doing anything at all down there. Check the perimeter of your house first. Make sure there’s ample exterior drainage and that it leads far away from the house. Improper drainage can lead water straight into your crawl space.

It’s a constant problem but here are some crawl space waterproofing in NJ tips that can help.

Check the Perimeter

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Look for clogs or damage in your drainage system. Also make sure that the landscape right around the perimeter is sloped away from the house. If not, water could be pooling there and forcing its way through foundation cracks.

Seal Foundation Cracks

Your crawl space may have foundation cracks. This is a natural occurrence when a house settles. Unfortunately, it’s a huge pain in the neck because you have to get into the crawl space and crawl around looking for them. There could be stair-step cracks, horizontal cracks or vertical cracks all around the perimeter.

A tiny crack may appear harmless, but when it rains, water pools against your foundation and there’s a serious amount of pressure pushing it into your house. Even a very small crack can lead to major crawl space moisture problems. This is why it’s important to get these cracks sealed.

Get Insulated

If it’s not insulated already or if the insulation is old or inadequate, continuous insulation is a key element of crawl space waterproofing. There are many insulation options available depending on your needs. It’s good to install a vapor barrier as part of your crawl space insulation for the extra bit of protection it offers. It acts as a first defense against incoming moisture.

Crawl Space Sump Pump

Many homeowners have a sump pump in their basement but never consider installing one in the crawlspace. However, this is an excellent defense against water buildup. A sump pump is especially helpful after the heavy rains New Jersey is known for. In many homes here, the crawl space has permanent water intrusion. A sump pump pumps water out of your crawl space and leads it away from the house.

Keep It Dry

Finally, you can prevent moisture in your crawl space by keeping the air down there dry. The best way to do this is to ensure there is as little air ventilation as possible. Don’t let humid air from outside invade. If you have persistent moisture problems, you might consider installing a crawl space dehumidifier and a crawl space encapsulation system. Make sure that your perimeter is alright and the crawl space is properly encapsulated first.