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5 Major Causes of that Frustrating Crawl Space Leak in Clifton NJ

5 Major Causes of that Frustrating Crawl Space Leak in Clifton NJ

Crawl Space Leak in Clifton NJ

A report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR®) says over 90% of new homes develop moisture problems in the crawl spaces and basements within the first 10 to 15 years. As such, it is most likely that your beautiful home is experiencing a crawl space leak even though you may not realize it.

Out of Sight

The major problem in dealing with water in these spaces is the fact that you never know when a leak starts. In fact, most crawl spaces are neglected and have become infested with vermin. More worryingly, toxic mold growth poses the great danger to your family’s health as it causes respiratory complications. Water seepage also ruins the foundation’s wooden supports; thus, compromising the strength of your home.

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Solution to Crawl Space Moisture

Crawl spaces generally have earth floors and this makes it easy for ground water to seep through. However, there are other major causes of these leaks including:

  1. Clay Bowl Effect

    Once construction is done, backfill soil is used to bring the grading to level. This is where problems emanate because this soil is not compact and as the house settles a depression next to the foundation walls develops. If the foundation has cut through a natural path of water, there will be stagnation and water will be seep through any opening or cracks.

  2. Hydrostatic Pressure

    During flooding or periods of continuous rain, the soil around the foundation becomes saturated and with time, this builds up forces water into any cracks or openings. Reducing hydrostatic pressure is very taxing especially in high rainfall areas, but there are modern waterproofing methods that work effectively.

  3. Ineffective Drainage

    If your home’s gutters are not properly discharging water away from the walls you may have a crawl space leak problem on your hands. When foot drains are clogged with silt, this causes leaks on the foundation joints due to pressure, which eventually leads to flooding.

  4. Improper Grading

    The ideal slope around your home should be graded away from foundation walls. This is one of the most overlooked problems and remedying it involves simple landscaping to enable water to flow away from the walls.

  5. Defective Window Wells

    If your crawl space has a window, it is most likely the walls that are poorly designed, which thus allows funneling water into this space.

The first step in correcting a crawl space leak is calling a professional contractor who can identify the cause of seepage. They will then recommend the most ideal solutions including vapor barriers, insulation, sump pump installation and blocking off vents in the crawl space to avoid condensation.