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5 Reasons a Santa Fe Dehumidifier is the Ultimate Basement Appliance

5 Reasons a Santa Fe Dehumidifier is the Ultimate Basement Appliance

Santa Fe Dehumidifier

If you own a home, you will agree that managing moisture levels in the basement or crawl space is not easy. In fact, the Basement Health Association (BHA) says over 87% of homeowners ignore these spaces entirely because they can’t handle the high humidity. Eventually, high levels of moisture ruin walls and other fittings.

Worse still, high levels of humidity encourage faster growth of mold; this poses a danger to your family. The EPA says over 60% of the air you breathe indoors, emanates from your basement and hence toxic mold spores will eventually travel to the house. A Santa Fe Dehumidifier is designed to deal effectively with these problems.

Simple Insight on Dehumidification

It is true you have come across many dehumidifiers in the local stores or you own one. To appreciate why these appliances are invaluable in your home, you have to understand how dehumidification works. Well, the process involves removal of moisture from the air through a filter in the machine.

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The moist air then passes over an evaporator coil in the dehumidifier, forcing it to condense into water droplets. The water is collected in a drain pan and passes out of the system through a drain tube. The cold dry air in the dehumidifier is heated over condenser coils and supplied back into your basement.

Well, there are many Santa Fe products some of which use more complex technology to keep your home at a healthy 30%-50% humidity range. From the Santa Fe Impact, RX, Max Dry to Classic, there is a wide product range to choose from based on your property’s unique needs.

Why the Santa Fe Dehumidifier is Ideal

Of course, there are many other products in the market but in every review, you will find a high customer rating for the Santa Fe Dehumidifier and for many good reasons. Other than the versatile range, you will also enjoy:

  1. Increased energy efficiency: This means your power bills will not devastate you financially because the dehumidifiers are optimized to reduce energy wastage.
  2. Flexible installation: These appliances can be used in any type of property and can be fitted in myriad positions at your home. Whether you have a bothersome crawl space or basement, they are easy to install and can work in any type of environment. It can also be customized to suit your space needs.
  3. Multiple functions: Other than improving your home’s comfort, it also protects your family’s health by reducing allergic spores, while also protecting your property against damage caused by moisture. You will not have to deal with rotting cabinets or damp carpets anymore.
  4. Efficiency: A dehumidifier is only as good as its capability to remove moisture in your home. The Santa Fe Dehumidifier surpasses even Energy Star ratings in terms of efficiency due to its more efficient compressor, refrigerator coil, and patented pre-cooling technology.
  5. Exquisite features: This humidifier is loaded with ergonomically designed features such as the condensate pump and the hygrometer which automatically monitors your basement.

There is much more that this product can do for you. With its superior air filtration, you are assured of better indoor air quality (IAQ) and a happy family at all times.