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5 Things You Must Know about Your Basement Moisture Problems

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Basement Moisture Problems

If you are like most homeowners, you treasure every space available in your home. However, utilizing the basement is easier said than done for most property owners. With the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) saying most homes are plagued by basement moisture, it is obvious that this invaluable space is going to waste in most properties.

While it is a very common problem, it is also greatly misunderstood. Like with all other home improvement projects you need to get more insight on the issue before setting an effective strategy to deal with it. Here are crucial aspects of basement water problems that you must have in mind.

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  1. The Underlying Problem

    When you find water pools on the basement floor or you realize there are wet patches on the walls, it might be difficult to conceptualize the extent of the problem. In most cases such water originates from the soil surrounding the walls. This means there are cracks in your foundation walls allowing water to seep in.

    Hydrostatic pressure caused by surface water also makes it possible for leaks through present crevices, ultimately making your basement wet. Other underlying issues include poor soil grading, blocked gutters, and poor surface water drainage among other factors.

  2. Tell-Tale Signs

    In some cases, you might not even realize that there is a basement moisture problem because this space is rarely used. Well, you need to be on the lookout for damp carpets, condensation on walls, odor, mold and mildew, humid air, standing water, deterioration of wood and staining of wall coverings. Once you identify such signs, you need to call a foundation contractor immediately for further tests.

  3. Imminent Risks

    If you ask your neighbors they most likely have the same problem. Well, this does not make basement leaks less risky. They are a sure sign that your foundation has been compromised and this can lead to collapse. Toxic mold growth on the floors and walls poses great health risks to your family because these spores will eventually find their way into your house. You will also have to deal with damaged personal belongings due to moisture presence.

  4. Leveraging Professional Expertise

    Buying a humidifier might look like the best solution but it is not. The most effective solution can only be provided by a certified basement contractor. These experts have the right equipment to carry out tests and also implement the best solutions to basement water issues. They can also advise on the extent of damage to the foundation walls.

  5. Ideal Basement Moisture Solutions

    There is a myriad of basement moisture solutions because every situation is unique. Some of these include sump pump installation, internal French drain, surface drainage repairs, external wall waterproofing and correcting of the landscape grading.

It is true a leaking basement is a turn-off, but you should never turn away from the problem. The consequences can be devastating for your family.