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Avoiding Bad Foundation Repair in New Jersey

Avoiding Bad Foundation Repair in New Jersey

If you need foundation repair in New Jersey, there’s a lot of help available and for one simple reason — we are a moist state. There’s no escaping the humidity of NJ especially in the sweltering summers. Foundation cracks lead to humid basements, which lead to all kinds of indoor air quality problems.

So, calling the foundation repair folks is a regular part of live in NJ. The trouble is that a service that doesn’t know what they’re doing can badly screw up the foundation repair job, which for you means lost time and money, and you’ve still got basement moisture problems.

Getting a Second Opinion

Sometimes contractors take a look at your basement and offer a slew of foundation repair work that needs to be done. The only problem is that most of it doesn’t actually need to be done at all. These services are infamous for tacking on unnecessary extra work in order to upsell you and get more of your money.

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A good way to get an objective opinion is to hire a structural engineer and have them look at your basement. This costs money and a structural engineer can’t fix anything, but they have no vested interest. In other words, they’re not trying to sell you their service. They can tell you what’s wrong and give you recommendations on ideas for fixing it. With their assessment in hand, you can get quotes from contractors and understand whether they’re trying to swindle you.

Reputation Is Everything

In the old days, you could do some homework on contractors by contacting the Better Business Bureau. You still can, and should, but now there’s an even better way. There are websites all over the internet that offer reviews of contractors and other services. You can research foundation repair in New Jersey services you’re considering to see if anyone has said anything negative about them.

Of course, some people are naturally complainers. The internet gives everyone a voice and they could post misleading bad reviews. But take a look at as many reviews as you can for a particular service, and you’ll start to see which opinions are valuable and which aren’t. If a service gets negative reviews across the board or they get a bad review for doing something truly terrible, you’ll see it.

Take Advantage of Free Quotes

Reputable contractors offer free quotes. They’ll come out and look at the house to give you their recommendation and price estimate, and they’ll do it without charge. Some contractors ask for a small deposit when the job gets started to make sure you’re committed, but there should never be a charge for the quote.

Definitely check out several contractors before you settle on one. Get different opinions and quotes, and choose the one that’s priced right and feels right. Foundation repair in New Jersey is too big and important of a job to leave to any old service to handle.