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Why Basement Paint Does Not Work

Why Basement Paint Does Not Work

Why Basement Paint Does Not Work As Waterproofing

Basement paint is a quick fix solution to waterproofing problems. It seems – and IS – too good to be true. It’s like the late-night infomercial that tells you that you can live on potato chips and cherry cola, spend all day watching reality TV, and lose weight while you sleep. The only thing you’re going to achieve out of basement paint is the false sense of security you’ll get as you slather it on, thinking that you’ll finally get your basement moisture problem under control!

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The Problems With Basement Paint

The reason why basement paint doesn’t work is that it only fixes the problem cosmetically. It doesn’t actually do anything about the water that’s outside the basement, and that’s what is really causing the problem. Moisture builds up in the soil around the foundation of your house and from there, pushes its way into your basement through a process known as electrostatic pressure. Most moisture doesn’t enter the basement through heavy rains and floods, but from this continual pushing.

Through electrostatic pressure, water works its way through every tiny fissure or crack in your walls and that’s what causes moist basements. If you cover your walls with paint, it will work its way through that too. Basement paint offers little protection.

Another reason basement paint doesn’t work is that it does nothing about the water that seeps through the floor. Moisture also comes in through cracks in the flooring. This is why waterproofing is the only way to control the humidity level. It also does nothing to protect against floods.

Not only is painting ineffective, it’s also time consuming. Painting the basement is a serious job that takes serious time. After applying it, you’ll have to let it dry and then apply another coat. If your basement already has humidity problems, you’ll need to fully dry it out before you can begin work or the paint won’t dry. You also need to wear goggles and a dust mask to protect yourself.

Waterproofing basement paint only lasts for a limited time. Then, it needs to be reapplied. Like all paint, it cracks. Real waterproofing solutions don’t require this; if you install a vapor barrier, it will efficiently keep moisture out of your home without cracking or developing fissures.

Basically, nothing works as well as getting your basement fully waterproofed by a licensed professional. Basement paint might help, but it can’t completely keep your home moisture-free.