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Bowed Walls – Proper Techniques for Foundation Repair in Paterson NJ 07501

Bowed Walls – Proper Techniques for Foundation Repair in Paterson NJ 07501

What do you do when you see cracks forming and water pooling in your NJ basement? You call the experts. This is a sure sign that you need foundation repair. This is not an uncommon occurrence in this part of New Jersey. Here are the proper techniques foundation repair in Paterson NJ 07501.

Why Foundation Repair in Paterson NJ 07501 Is Important

Foundation repair usually isn’t easy or cheap. Many homeowners are reluctant to get a big job like this done. But it’s important for many reasons. First of all, there’s the threat of structural damage to your home. There’s also the water seepage problem. Many people who suffer from wet basements in NJ don’t realize that these tiny cracks are the problem. These cracks cause moisture to enter the home which leads to mold infestations. Dangerous gases like radon can also move up through them and into your home.

Bowed Foundation Basement Walls

A major sign that you have a problem is if your basement walls are bowed or buckling. This occurs because of what’s called hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure of water from the soil outside the walls pushing in on them. When there is intense pressure over a long period of time, this causes the walls to bow.

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Re-Bracing Walls

The proper way to do foundation repair in Paterson NJ 07501 for bowed basement walls is not just to pour more concrete and hope for the best. While this helps in the short-term, newly poured concrete will develop cracks as well as it settles and shifts. A more permanent solution is to give the walls substantial reinforcement.

There are many ways to re-brace walls in order to reinforce them. One method that is widely used is steel beam foundation report. But in order to do this, the floor along the foundation walls has to be jackhammered for the placement of the beams.

Carbon fiber repair in NJ is a popular option because there’s no jackhammering or any other major reconstruction involved. In areas where the foundation is weak, carbon fiber fabric straps are used to hold the foundation walls in place.

Foundation Anchors

Another technique often used for foundation repair in Paterson NJ 07501 is to install foundation anchors. There are several types of anchors but they all work in the same way – to counteract the pressure being exerted against the wall. Foundation anchors can be installed outside, by removing a small area of the lawn and excavating an area of earth underneath, or inside with helical anchors, which are long rods with a corkscrew end.

If you have bowed or buckling basement walls, it means the problem has been worsening for some time. Your home is in immediate need of foundation repair. One of the myths of foundation repair is that all techniques are costly. The proper foundation repair techniques for NJ basements don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and they end up saving you money down the road.