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Crawl Space Waterproofing NJ and Encapsulation For a Healthy Home

Crawl Space Waterproofing NJ and Encapsulation For a Healthy Home

If water collects in your crawl space after heavy rains, you’ve got problems. Even if you don’t see water down there, it’s important to keep moisture down in this critical part of your home. A wet crawl space could mean mold infestation, structural damage, pests, insects and more.

Crawl Space Waterproofing Starts Outside

Start outside and make sure you have a good external drainage system. It can be as simple as doing some landscaping work to make sure the land is sloping away from your foundation. Make sure you have a good drainage system that leads water from the roof gutters all the way down and away from the yard. If you don’t have your external drainage in order, water could be seeping into your crawl space from outside.

Locate the Source of the Problem

If you have water in your crawl space, figure out exactly where it’s coming from. The water could be coming from outside or seeping up through the dirt floor.

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Foundation cracks in the wall or ceiling of the crawl space could be letting moisture in, or it could be coming back in through a storm drain. If you can fill these cracks and then dry out the crawl space, this may be all you need to do in order to control your crawl space humidity.

Install a Sump Pump

Installing a sump pump is a fairly easy and straightforward crawl space waterproofing NJ solution. Many homeowners have sump pumps in their basements but never consider what it could do for their crawl spaces. A crawl space sump pump is just a smaller version of what you have in the basement. It draws down the water and pumps it safely away from your home’s foundation.

Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

You can also invest in a crawl space dehumidifier. Like the sump pump, it’s a smaller version of what you use in your basement. If you have puddles or leaks in your crawl space, these still need to be handled separately, even if you decide to install a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier will only remove moisture from the air, not standing water. It also won’t remove mold if you already have an infestation. Dehumidifiers are often used along with other methods as a comprehensive crawl space waterproofing NJ solution.

Crawl Space Waterproofing Options

If sealing up the cracks that are letting in moisture isn’t enough, there are serious measures you can take. Most crawl space waterproofing involves a combination of methods. Usually, at the core of this strategy is installing a vapor barrier of some sort. This is called crawl space encapsulation. There are all kinds of vapor barriers from simple plastic sheeting that you can install yourself to exterior waterproofing, which involves construction work and is best handled by a professional.

The most comprehensive type of barrier is what’s called crawl space encapsulation. This involves installing a barrier and sealing the crawl space completely to get rid of any moisture problems.

Pay close attention to your crawl space. It’s a part of the house many homeowners don’t think much about, but we all should. The air in your crawl space can have a serious effect on the air quality of your home and the health of everyone in it.