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Here‘s How a Professional Deals with That Risky Basement Leak

Here‘s How a Professional Deals with That Risky Basement Leak

How to Deal Professionally with That Risky Basement Leak

You have seen it on popular home improvement TV series such as Fixer Upper, Mega Dens, House hunters Renovation among others; yes, the ubiquitous basement leak problem affects almost every property.

With the Basement Health Association (BHA) reporting that over 65% of homes in the U.S need such renovations, it is time you gave ear to these views. Why should you? After all, you never use this space. Well, the EPA says that over 50% of the air you breathe at home comes from the basements. The problem is, with water leaks, there is growth of toxic black mold leading to respiratory problems among your family members.

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But that is not all; such leaks will increase hydro static pressure on the foundation leading to bowing walls, cracks, flooding and overall weakness of your home. It is an eventuality you don’t want to consider hence the need for an ultimate solution by a professional contractor.

What is involved in Basement Waterproofing?

Before any solution to your moisture problem is implemented, a labor intensive process takes place. Take a look at the general steps involved:

1. Initial inspection:

This involves identifying the signs such as cracks on foundation walls, high humidity or Radon gas levels in the spaces underneath, odors, wet carpets, presence of rodents, and mold growth, among other signs.

Initial inspection

2. Diagnostics:

Once these ominous signs are detected, these experts use sophisticated gear to pin down the source of moisture leak. It could be high ground water or poor surface drainage, clogged or poorly positioned downspouts discharge pipes, poor grading, among others.

3. Identifying a waterproofing solution:

This is the hardest part because a contractor has to consider the type of foundation used, extent of damage, remaining stability, and permanency of leak problems, among other factors. They can opt for interior or exterior basement leak solutions including plastic sheets and membranes, French drains, epoxy injection, among others.

4. Repair to the foundation walls:

If the leakage problem has continued over the years, there might be extensive damage which necessitates steel beams support, wall anchors, carbon fiber strips, among other solutions to get the wall to its original position.

5. Final report:

Once all of this assessment is done, you will get a written report with all proposals including a free estimate.

6. Implementation of moisture solution:

Once you agree and verify that the contractor is indeed a reputable professional, work starts on your home’s foundation. It might take days or week’s depending on the damage.

Hiring the best contractor in your area is the only way of dealing permanently with this problem. These experts will regularly carry out inspections after the project is done to ensure there is no recurrence of the leak issue.

You will not only enjoy more living space, but also cut costs on medical bills while enjoying healthier indoor air quality (IAQ).

For more information on how we can help you with your basement leaks problems, please contact us any time.