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Why You Should Install A Vapor Barrier

Why You Should Install A Vapor Barrier

Installing A Vapor Barrier – Why This Is A Great Waterproofing Option

A vapor barrier is a waterproofing solution that provides moisture protection for your basement. Although floods and leaks are a major source of moisture in basements, vapor seepage through walls is also a reason for high humidity levels. What often happens is that this vapor seeps in through your basement walls and condenses there, turning into drips. This has the overall effect of making your basement moister and mustier, and also causing other problems.

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Here are some reasons why you should consider getting a vapor barrier installed:

Humidity Control

The main benefit is that a vapor barrier helps you control the humidity. A lot of the air we breathe starts in the basement and migrates upward, so controlling your basement’s humidity helps to control all of your home’s humidity. If you have a basement with out-of-control moisture, you’re going to see the humidity level rise everywhere.

Even more importantly, a vapor barrier helps to prevent mold. Mold infestations occur often in basements and once they start, they are difficult and expensive to remediate. Certain common types of mold are highly toxic and they can cause health problems throughout the house. Most people experience allergic reactions such as coughing, sore throat and headaches, but mold can also cause serious health problems like asthma.

Basement Encapsulation

By surrounding your basement, a vapor barrier totally separates the air inside from the air outside. One other benefit of this is that it makes it harder for bugs to get into your house. Insects thrive in the moist, cool darkness of the basement. Spiders, crickets, cockroaches and other critters love the climate that a humid basement creates.

Another benefit of encapsulation is that it keeps the air inside your home. This can help you save money on your utility bills by not wasting your hot and cold air. This isn’t the purpose of getting a vapor barrier installed, but it’s just one of the nice perks.

Things To Think About

Vapor barriers aren’t always necessary for keeping a home waterproofed. Before you decide to get one, make sure that you know where the moisture is coming from. A vapor barrier will prevent it from coming in through the walls in the form of condensation. If you live in the northeastern United States or any other area that has a humid climate, you could probably use one.

You should also consider taking a few other measures. Installing a French drain or other piping system that will remove excess water on the floor will help. You might also purchase a dehumidifier to run down there, especially if you also use it as a living space. However, it should be stressed that even if you don’t live in your basement, the air down there can affect the rest of the house.

You can install your own vapor barrier but it takes quite a bit of work. For most people, it is much easier and faster to hire a waterproofing service to do it for you.