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Why You Should Invest in French Drains New Jersey

Why You Should Invest in French Drains New Jersey

French Drains are one of the most tried and true ways to collect and redirect water. It is a trench filled with a perforated pipe and surrounded by rock. This method can be installed outside the perimeter of a house or retaining wall to relieve hydrostatic pressure. It can also be installed inside as an interior waterproofing system inside the basement. Waterproofing contractors carve out the trench from the concrete slab; install the pipe, drain fabric and rock; then close. The interior French drain is designed to collect any water that may get inside and redirect it outside.

French Drains help protect your house from water infiltration, water damage, and hydrostatic pressure that can actually cause structural damage to the foundation walls. For that reason alone you should invest in French Drains.

Any waterproofing system, including French Drains, is about protection. Think of it like an insurance policy. You invest in insurance to protect yourself against costs in the future. A waterproofing system is no different. You spend money on the system now to protect yourself from dealing with water damage and repairs in the future.

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A waterproofed basement also saves you when you go to sell your house. There isn’t a direct increase in your home value; however, if your home has a water issue in the basement or a foundation issue the home inspector will require you to get it taken care of before the sale goes through. Most people will not buy a house with water damage, mold, rot, and foundation cracks: All of which would have been prevented and kept at bay with a proper waterproofing system. It makes sense to make the investment now to control the water issues then to have to pay for it when you move. Plus, it will cost more at that point when there is major repairs and/or mold remediation to do too.

Making the investment in French Drains New Jersey now will also be an investment in the health of your family and home. Wet basement environments are not healthy. The moist air travels upstairs and can cause allergies, exasperate asthma symptoms and other respiratory problems. Many people suffer from “sick building syndrome” (coughing, sneezing, itchy throat and eyes, and headaches) and don’t even know it is from their wet basement and could be prevented. Another common health concern when talking about the basement environment is radon gas and other soil gases that enter the house through the basement and foundation cracks and gaps. Make sure that your interior French drain system is a closed system and not an open trench. The open trenches actually could cause a radon problem or make it worse.