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Why You Need Basement Waterproofing In New Jersey

Why You Need Basement Waterproofing In New Jersey

Why Basement Waterproofing in New Jersey Is So Important

Basement waterproofing in New Jersey is absolutely essential for the majority of homeowners here. It seems like we have it worse here than anywhere else in the world. New Jersey is a place where basement floods, mold infestations and a whole host of other water-related disasters often occur. You name it, New Jersey’s got it.

There are a few reasons why this is so:

New Jersey Climate

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First of all, there’s the natural climate. It’s charming in the spring, summer and fall seasons, and nice if you like snowy winters. In addition to all the sunshine, New Jersey gets 44 inches of rain annually. When you compare it to other states, this puts us pretty high. This rain settles into the groundwater and through fissures in basement walls it can get into the house.


We also get lots of flooding because of storms and sudden rains, especially in the spring season. These cause flash floods, where any tiny crack in your home’s foundation can let it all into your basement.

High Humidity

Aside from water leaking in directly, New Jersey also has relatively high humidity, especially during the summertime. This raises moisture levels in the basement, which can lead to musty smells and mold infestations.

New Jersey has lots of coastal towns, from Sandy Hook up north all the way down to Cape May. There are also the towns along Delaware Bay. Being close to the ocean raises humidity levels even higher, another reason why every house needs basement waterproofing in New Jersey.


Along the coast, you get hurricanes, or “nor’easters” as they’re called. These cause serious flooding and storm surge. They’re also hard on residential and municipal drainage systems. Although we don’t have flood plains, these storms cause conditions that are similar. Flooding is also caused by the winter snow melt.

So, the climate of New Jersey puts a lot of strain on basements, but add to this the fact that lots of New Jersey homes are old and you’ve got even more serious problems. Old homes that are not fully waterproofed are asking for it, especially those that have large basements which stay cool in the summertime. This is a perfect breeding ground for mold.

Sump pumps can help get the water out, but during storm surges there are likely to be power outages. If you don’t have adequate basement waterproofing in NJ, you should consider getting it installed as soon as possible. You’ll save lots of money in the long run by preventing flooding and excess moisture.