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The Lie Waterproofing Companies in NJ Tell You

The Lie Waterproofing Companies in NJ Tell You

I truly believe honesty is the best quality a waterproofing company can offer. I don’t care what special tools they have or how many years of experience. As long as they’ll be honest with homeowners about waterproofing their basements, it’s all good.

But unfortunately, unscrupulous companies that lie in order to upsell or rip-off customers have given the industry a bad name.

Most waterproofing companies in NJ will tell you that the work they’re going to do, whether it’s crack repair or installing a whole new drainage system, is going to take care of your basement moisture problem. Once it’s done, you’ll never have to worry about moisture in the basement again. This is never quite true.

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Foundation Repair

A company can seal up the cracks in your foundation. Actually, there are excellent solutions that can keep the cracks sealed permanently. But as your house ages and settles, more cracks will appear. If you take care of your foundation and stay on the lookout for more cracks, you can mitigate the problem, but there will be more.

Basement Walls Bowing

Over time, the soil and its moisture outside the foundation will press in on it, causing basement walls to bow. This happens over a longer period of time than foundation cracks, so you’re not likely to see it in a new house. But, again, measures can be taken to stabilize walls, but no contractor can guarantee that it won’t happen again.

Sump Pump Maintenance

Many waterproofing companies in NJ sell the sump pump as your basement’s miracle moisture solution. Sump pumps draw water down and away from your house so that it doesn’t accumulate. What waterproofing companies are less likely to tell you is that a sump pump isn’t a cure-all. Plus, sump pumps need routine inspection and cleaning in order to make sure they work properly.

Things Get Knocked Around

Even a perfect drainage system can get damaged during heavy storms. Drain pipes can get knocked out of place and gutters can get broken or clogged, sending water back into the house. You need to understand your drainage system so that you can address problems with it.

On High Alert for Mold

You have to stay vigilant about mold. A company may come into your home and get rid of the mold, but they can’t guarantee that it won’t come back. The truth is that if you keep conditions in your basement dry, you’ll significantly reduce the likelihood of a mold inspection. But one mold remediation doesn’t guarantee it.

The Truth about Basement Waterproofing

The truth is that while the work we do is designed to provide you with a healthy home, there will always be moisture issues in the future. If you live in New Jersey with its high humidity, I guarantee there will be more problems. Add to this the fact that houses settle, things break, and things like sump pumps need regular maintenance.

I think waterproofing companies in NJ should tell people, ‘This will fix your problem.’ But they should also inform customers of the ongoing inspection and maintenance they’ll need. If you really want to offer peace of mind, offer a warranty for the work you do.

The best thing you can do is to educate yourself about basement waterproofing in NJ so that you understand the solutions the company is offering, and what you need to do to keep the water out of your basement.