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The Various Causes of Basement Flooding in Union NJ 07083

The Various Causes of Basement Flooding in Union NJ 07083

Basement Flooding

There is nothing worse than going down to your basement only to discover that it is completely flooded. It can cost a fortune to rectify this problem especially if the water has been there for a long time. Basement flooding happens due to a number of factors.

Causes of Basement Flooding

The first cause of basement flooding is also the most obvious – heavy rain. With climate change having as much of an impact as it is these days, there is unfortunately very little you can do about this. For instance that El-Niño will be experienced in different parts of the world in larger amounts than it was in 1997.In circumstances like these you have to pay even closer attention to your basement.

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Another common cause of flooding in the basement is insufficient waterproofing. Adequately waterproofed basements will have a tar sealant on the inside as well as on the outside foundation walls. In addition to this, properly sealed basements will have a ‘weeping tile’. This tile directs water away from your house to the sewer system.

The grade of your lawn, or the slope as most people refer to it, can also cause flooding. Make sure that your lawn slopes away from your home. If you want to find out if your lawn is a problem, take a walk around your property when it is raining. If you find water coming together next to your house, you have a problem on your hands.

Another common cause of flooding in the basement is sewer backups. If a sewer line becomes damaged or clogged, the water line may rise to your basement floor causing your basement to flood.

Finally, if you live in an area that is close to a swamp or marshland, a faulty sump pump can cause flooding in the basement. In order to prevent this, have a back-up sump pump installed in your home to ensure there is no flooding should the primary sump pump break down.

How Much Will Basement Flooding Cost You?

The repair costs involved with basement flooding vary greatly depending on the extent of the flooding and who does the repair. In order to save money, you should dry out your basement as soon as possible. Consider buying a wet vacuum cleaner or a similar product. Then use a humidifier to dry out the rest of your basement. If your basement has been flooded for a while then talk to an expert to get rid of the water and ensure you don’t experience flooding again in future.