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5 Applicable Tips for Basement Finishing in Passaic NJ

5 Applicable Tips for Basement Finishing in Passaic NJ

Basement Finishing in Passaic NJ

Now that you have settled into your new home, what plans do you have for the basement? Most likely you have not even thought about this space, and you are not alone. The National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) says over 70% of homeowners neglect their basements because they have no use for it. How about basement finishing?

Surprisingly the National Association of Realtors (NAR) says homes with well looked-after basements fetch more than 24% more than those without. How do you utilize your basement to make the best of your home ownership? The idea is all about maximizing available space, but this is easier said than done. Nevertheless, here are a few tips to get it done.

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  1. Get Creative

    Have you been looking for extra space in your home for your new business or kids’ game room? Forget the kitchen and revolutionize your basement into your work room. This is a versatile space that offers privacy ad a versatile range of uses. You can also install an egress window to make this a living space and won’t you enjoy the natural light that comes with the package?

  2. Dry the Basement

    Before you think about basement finishing, you must consider the apparent risks. The major problem is of course moisture from surface runoff and ground water. You must waterproof the basement walls against any external and ground water pressure in order to make this an ideal living space. Other techniques to use include dehumidification, sump pump installation and interior weeping tile system to ensure no water stagnates in the room.

  3. Storage Redefined

    Are you having trouble with old toys and old stuff in your home? Your basement offers an ideal storage option. Of course this has to be part of the basement finishing, thus avoid neglect. The best plan starts with a floor pan to identify where particular items will go and this includes the walls. Each item must be placed in the most accessible position and this should be an integral part of your basement planning.

  4. Optimize Lighting

    Recessed lighting offers an important ingredient in every basement. It takes no space and yet provides an ethereal finish to the entire room. You must ensure that every nook in the basement is fully lighted to avoid accidents. Your lighting technique can light up the entire house and isn’t this what you want?

  5. Some Warmth

    For obvious reason the basement is colder than your upper floors and there is need for fluff carpeting for the floor boards or any other floor. Once it is waterproofed you can use any warm carpeting to convert this room into a cozy space which can serve as a game room or any other family room. Go for it.