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Why We Use Grate Products

Why We Use Grate Products

Scaldino Basement Solutions uses Grate Products and there’s a simple reason why – they’re great. I’m not trying to make a lame joke on the name of the company. I really think they offer the closest thing to permanent, 100% effective solutions to basement moisture problems and here are the reasons why.

The GrateDrain

One of the solutions we recommend most is the GrateDrain. The GrateDrain is a sub-floor basement drainage system. Drainage is the key to solving a great number of basement water problems. With the right drainage system in place, you never have to worry about a huge New Jersey storm turning your basement into a scummy swamp and premium vacation spot for the bacteria that causes mold.

We love the GrateDrain for a couple of reasons. First of all, it gets the water out fast. This is critical when the water level is rising. It’s designed with two punched sidewalls and a solid center divider. This set-up gives the water plenty of places to go that are not your basement floor. The drainage system leads the water to the GrateSump, a sump pump that pumps it out.

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The other thing that’s nice about the GrateDrain is that it’s lined with access ports along the side. These access ports make it really easy to inspect and maintain your interior French drain system.

The GrateSump

Another great Grate product and key part of the drainage system is the GrateSump. The GrateSump is basically a very high-quality sump pit. It has a number of features that make it the best including a permanent mesh filter that’s very effective; the dehumidifier drain plug and a solid lid that doesn’t allow harmful gasses or humidity through it.

Sump pumps require some maintenance, even one as high quality as this one, but it’s really easy to take off the cover so that you can inspect or clean. This sump pump basin can be installed without undermining your foundation.

In order to make sure it doesn’t die when it’s most needed, there are a number of backups and extras that you can add to the GrateSump to make it even more effective. It uses the highest quality and most reliable batteries on the market.

Grate Products also has an array of additional products for crawl spaces, foundation repair, and so on. They cover everything.

Easy Maintenance

One of the strongest point of Grate’s products is that they make maintenance easy. No matter how awesome your drainage system is, there will always be some maintenance involved. One of the features of Grate products is that they use an antimicrobial additive that keeps iron bacteria from getting onto the fittings. This means less maintenance for you and a system that works well longer.

Why Grate Products

We use and recommend Grate products because we simply think they’re the best on the market. We don’t think of ourselves as just a waterproofing company. We see ourselves as providing a healthy home that promotes the health of everybody living in it. That’s our first consideration when we choose products and methods to use, and that’s why we choose Grate Products. The quality they offer makes their products the most effective at promoting a household’s health.