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Your Guide to Fixing Wet Crawl Spaces in Somerset NJ 08873

Your Guide to Fixing Wet Crawl Spaces in Somerset NJ 08873

Fixing wet crawl spaces will make your home a more sanitary place to live in. Unfortunately, the nature of crawl spaces makes them awkward to access and repair.

In this article, we’re going to show you how you should go about fixing wet crawl spaces in Somerset NJ 08873.

Access and Inspection

Access the crawl space and inspect its condition. Make sure you’re careful when accessing the space. Sometimes moisture can make things unstable, so beware.

Here’s what you need to look for, in the right order:

  1. Search for unsafe conditions. Will you be safe if you continue to work on this crawl space?
  2. Inspect the crawl space for areas of high moisture and anywhere where water is coming in.

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This may be easy or hard depending on where your crawl space is and how much damage has been caused. If you’re struggling, it’s always best to bring in the help of a professional.

Preparing the Crawl Space

There are multiple steps to this process. Firstly, you need to remove any wet debris. This step is far more difficult when you still have dirt and other messes in your way. Furthermore, many materials may be unsalvageable.

At the same time, you should remove any standing water. This generally only applies to crawl spaces that are in particularly poor condition.


The dehumidifier is your number one tool in fixing wet crawl spaces in Somerset NJ 08873. The rate at which a dehumidifier will remove water depends entirely on the unit and the size of the crawl space.

With each unit, there will be a figure for how many quarts of water it can remove, and at what rate. The more expensive units will always remove water at a faster rate.

Prevention is the Best Medication

Prevention is always the most essential step in drying out a crawl space. There’s little point in using a dehumidifier if you’re not going to address the source of a problem.

This could simply be caused by a lack of general ventilation. On the other hand, it could be caused by leaks in the roof. We recommend employing the help of a professional for this stage. They will know what to look for and they’ll find the things you might miss.

Remember, this is something you can’t afford to let slide for long. It has to be addressed immediately otherwise it could cause major structural problems in your home.