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Cause of Basement Leak in Central & Northern New Jersey & Staten Island, NY

Leaked Basement

Basement leaks are caused by various reasons, among which the most common are excavation & backfilling, clogged drain pipes, hydrostatic pressure, and the material used in the basement foundation.

Regardless of the problems and reasons, Scaldino Basement Solutions offer the most proven effective method for fighting basement leaks. We provide homeowners with a custom-designed GrateDrain™ system to suit their house specifically. This drainage system aims to capture the water as it emerges from the leak and drains it away from the house using patented sump pumps that also come with a backup battery system. The floor or other materials within your basement will never come in contact with water again, giving you and your family a healthy home experience. Our drainage system only requires an annual maintenance checkup whereas footing drains always clog and are very costly when it comes to repairing them. Our services are exclusively available to homeowners throughout Central & Northern New Jersey & Staten Island, NY.

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Causes for Basement Leak

Excavation & Backfilling

When basement foundations are first established, a region of soil is removed to make the space for it. Upon completion of the foundation, the soil is backfilled against the foundation wall. This soil is generally looser and less tightly packed than the soil that remains untouched. Which means this soil is much more permeable to water. On rainy days, more water seeps into the ground in these regions than the region were the soil was not dug. As more water gathers together, more hydrostatic pressure produces.

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Clogged Drain Pipes

Clogged Drain Pipes

Footing pipes are installed to channel water away from the foot of the basement foundation. However, sometimes particles in the soil enter the drainage system and clog the pipes, hindering its function. Since the water has nowhere to go, it will accumulate at the foot of the foundation in greater amounts. See clogged drain pipe cleanup solutions.

Hydrostatic Pressure

When large volumes of water are accumulated at a single spot, the pressure they exert increases immensely. This hydrostatic pressure exerted by the water can punch holes into the basement wall as they weaken the joints between blocks of concrete. Hydrostatic pressure can also force cracks to form in the walls and can sometimes even bend the wall.

Various Materials in Foundation Walls

There are various types of foundation walls, starting from concrete block walls, poured foundation walls, stone block walls, and clay tiles. Each of these is prone to water leaks, if not immediately then sometime in the future. The water pressure gradually corrodes the joints between the blocks which produces gaps that allow water to enter.

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