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Clogged Drain Pipe Repair in Central & Northern New Jersey & Staten Island, NY

Clogged Drain Pipe Repairing

Clogged drain pipes can lead to major basement issues than you can imagine. Usually, the rainwater seeping in the ground has nowhere else to go if the pipes are clogged. This water accumulates and exerts hydrostatic pressure on the walls of the basement. Eventually, they penetrate through small openings or crack in the wall and enter the basement. Water that seeps into the basement can give rise to various other issues like mold problems.

Scaldino Basement Solutions helps you fight against such basement problems. We have been tackling major water problems for over a decade throughout Central & Northern New Jersey & Staten Island, NY. We will clean and repair the blocked drain pipe and remove any obstruction to the waterway. Our team can handle messy situations as they are trained to do so. We put our experience and skills to the work to provide you with a fully functioning drain pipe. We can also provide moisture control services to prevent mold growth for your basement.

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How Do Drain Pipes Clog?

Clogged Drain Pipe Cleaning

When rain falls, water seeps into the ground. Usually, the soil surrounding houses have high permeability because of the excavation and backfilling process, so more water enters the ground around this region of the area and gathers around the foot of the basement. The purpose of the footing drain is to drive the rainwater away from the foundation. However, fine particles in the soil and other small objects enter the drain along with the rainwater and form layers of sediment over time. Gradually, the drain pipes get clogged and the drainage system is ineffective. The water now has nowhere to go, which builds up pressure and finally finds its way into the basement.

Rely on Scoldino Basement Solutions for Your Clogged Drain Pipe

Is water seeping into your basement? Might be a clogged drain pipe behind it. Contact the proven professionals at Scoldino Basement Solutions for proper analysis and cleanup. We provide solutions to wet basement at low prices. We serve Union, Middlesex, Marlboro, and many more Counties in Central & Northern New Jersey & Staten Island, NY. Want to get rid of a clogged drain pipe? Give us a call at 908-258-6561