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French Drain

Expert French Drain Service in Central & Northern New Jersey & Staten Island, NY

Expert French Drain Service

A French drainage system, which is often confused with a "trench" drainage system, is meant to prevent surface and groundwater from sinking into your property's earth and compromising the foundation of your home or company. It's a small, gravel-covered ditch with a perforated pipe within. A french drain, on the other hand, is a trough-like structure that diverts surface water away from your home. Conversely, a french drain is a trough-like structure that moves surface water away from your property before it has the chance to seep in.

Scaldino Basement Solutions is your local basement waterproofing expert, providing a sub-floor drainage system built specially to handle basement french drains in our area to families in Central and Northern New Jersey and Staten Island. Regardless of age or size, our systems can be customized to match the demands of any home.

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French Drain Vs. Grate Drain

Although a French drain is effective at diverting water away from your basement, soil and dirt eventually clog it. After every 10 years, a new french drain needs to be installed, even if it doesn't clog all the time. You'll have to pay a lot of money to have a French drain unclogged or re-installed. However, GrateDrain is a drainage system that is built into the house's walls. It is installed along the basement's interior perimeter to collect and divert water when it enters. GrateDrain is easy to install and requires little maintenance once a year. The cost of installation and maintenance is minimal, and there is no chance of clogging. As a result, a GrateDrain is less expensive than a French drain. 

Advantage of Grate Drain System

Advantage of Grate Drain System
  • Custom Built – The design of this system was made so that it is fitted or custom made for each basement. It is not one size fits all. Each section has been made such that it can be assembled and adjusted to fit your basement accurately.
  • Dual Chambers –Water enters the drain from beneath the slab of your basement and also from the footing/wall seam. It is then directed by the dual chamber to the sump pump to be pumped away from the house.
  • Deals with Iron Bacterial Problems- The design of this system is such that it can isolate iron bacteria colonies and ensure that they do not spread all over your basement. With this system, cross contamination is prevented.
  • Flushable – Grate drain systems come with accessible panels and covers, which make it easy for service technicians to flush the drain.
  • Economical – The design of this particular system reduces waste because all the pieces are usable.
  • More value – This system has been engineered so that it gives more value. It is custom assembled and installed, has ridge components and the design is so advanced that it is one of the very best systems out there.
  • Strong – This is literally the strongest system available in the market today. It is made of extruded PVC.

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