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Wall & Floor Leak Repair in Central & Northern New Jersey & Staten Island, NY

Leaked Wall

Wall & floor leaks can be caused due to a couple of reasons, for instance, a clogged drain pipe can be the reason behind. As water accumulates and increases in volume because of clogged pipes, hydrostatic pressure rises with it. This pressure can weaken the joints between the blocks in the foundation wall and punch holes or gaps, causing water leaks.

Scaldino Basement Solutions is a professional when it comes to basement wall leak problems. We can provide quick repair to the cracks in the walls and relieve you of the problem. Our experienced team dedicatedly works to provide the best solution for your foundation wall leaks. We hone skills and knowledge along with modern equipment that gives us the edge to proper basement waterproofing. We serve homeowners all over Central & Northern New Jersey & Staten Islam, NY with wall & floor crack repair. Keep your basement leakage-free with the help of our finest waterproofing experts.

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What Causes Wall & Floor Leaks

Leaked Concrete Block Walls

Under heavy rain, a great amount of rainwater seeps into the ground. This water is usually drained by footing drains, but if they are clogged then the water has nowhere to go. The water is trapped and rise in volume as time passes. Eventually, the water pressure gets to a point where it penetrates holes or cracks in the basement wall and water starts to seep into the basement. Additionally, if moisture levels increase inside your basement it can lead to serious mold problems, leaving a moldy and musty odor throughout your house. Here at Scaldino Basement Solutions, we also perform moisture control for your basement.

Another reason for wall & floor leaks is the type of material used in the basement foundation. Some walls have concrete blocks, and others have stone blocks, each of use is prone to leakage over time. You can also take a look at other causes of basement leaks.

Concrete Block Walls

As time passes water pressure can corrode the joints between the blocks and create gaps through which water enters the basement. High hydrostatic pressure can even force water through the wall-floor joint, the gap between the wall & floor.

Stone Block Walls

Water pressure can corrode the joints between the stones and sometimes the stone itself. Water will seep in and also be stored in the stones, which corrodes the stone further.

Poured Walls

Hydrostatic pressure can force cracks in the walls and the most vulnerable spot is the wall-floor joint. Sometimes the water pressure bends the wall instead.

The Ultimate Solution: GrateDrain™

Scaldino Basement Solutions has found a permanent solution to basement wall & floor leaks. We use an internal drainage system installed inside your house that captures water as it trickles down the wall and channels them out. With our GrateDrain™, you can rest assured that none of your belongings in the basement will ever get wet. The installation is quick and efficient with our experienced crew. The best part; it only requires a maintenance check once a year!

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Is your basement wall leaking? Afraid of mold infestation? Contact the professionals for the rapid recovery of such a situation. Scaldino Basement Solutions is your local basement waterproofing expert, serving Allendale, Boonton, Edison, Fairfield, and many more cities throughout Central & Northern New Jersey & Staten Islan, New York. Call us today at 908-258-6561 for professional assistance.