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Crawl Space Encapsulation

NJ Crawl Space Encapsulation Keeps the Moisture Out

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Scaldino Basement Solutions are experts at crawl space encapsulation and crawl space waterproofing. We’ve installed countless crawl space waterproofing systems over the years. Let us crawl down there and take a look, and we’ll recommend the solution we think is right for your crawl space and a free estimate. Every crawl space is different and solutions vary accordingly.

We offer a two-pronged attack against crawl space moisture. The key is to control the humidity level and direct any water that enters out of this key area of your house. The most common solution is a sump pump install, a dehumidifier and a CrawlShield vapor barrier.

The sump pump will kick into action when water accumulates in your crawl space, directing the water away and expelling it a safe distance from your home’s foundation. With a Santa Fe dehumidifier, you can control the level of humidity in your crawl space and prevent mold growth and rotting building materials.

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The CrawlShield vapor barrier is another essential part of your crawl space encapsulation. It prevents moisture and radon from entering in the first place, cutting down greatly on the risks these threats pose to the health of your family and structural integrity of your home.

Why We Use Crawl Shield Vapor Barriers

  • It effectively stops moisture and soil gas such as radon from entering the home.
  • It greatly cuts down on condensation, mold growth and poor indoor air quality.
  • Because CrawlShield is so effective at cutting down moisture, you can use your crawl space for storage.
  • The CrawlShield gives the crawl space a bright and clean look.
  • It takes only about one day for a professional to install a Crawl Shield vapor barrier.

At Scaldino Basement Solutions, we believe CrawlShield is the absolute best vapor barrier for crawl space encapsulation systems on the market, and we’ve seen them all.

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