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Bowed Basement Wall Repairs in Central & Northern New Jersey & Staten Island, NY

Bowed Basement Wall Repairs in Central & Northern New Jersey & Staten Island, NY

A strong foundation is always built first to be able to hold the weight of your property, but sometimes certain issues can occur and compromise the strength of your foundation. When too much pressure or stress is put on your foundation, it can begin to break and cause issues inside your home, such as foundation damage and cracks, which can consequently create difficulties for opening and closing windows and doors, make your floors unstable and uneven, and can even cause your chimneys to tilt. However, one of the biggest problems that can arise is bowing basement walls, which can make your walls weak and allow debris easy access to your home.

What Causes Bowed Walls?

Hydrostatic pressure and abundant soil are usually the reason for most bowed walls or foundation damage, but they are not the only cause. Hydrostatic pressure increases as the clay soil around your foundation expands from too much water accumulation, which then puts pressure against your foundation. The force will eventually exceed the strength of your walls, causing them to break, crack and bow. The clay soil will dry up and transition away from your foundation, weakening surrounding areas.

When storms or heavy rain occur, they can repeat the process all over again, and if it happens enough, the wall will eventually break. If this happens to your property, it is best to contact us at Scaldino Basement Solutions, as soon as possible, so that we can repair your bowing walls and give them the strength they need!

How to Repair Bowed Basement Walls

Bowed basement walls have always been a challenge for basement waterproofing contractors, but the latest technology gives us options that are cleaner and more convenient at a fraction of the cost.

At Scaldino Basement Solutions we offer the best in both old tried-and-true methods and the latest technology. In addition to the state-of-the-art methods we offer, we’re also experienced masons and can perform older repair methods for bowed basement walls when necessary. Sometimes masonry work gets the cleanest and best looking results, which may be what you’re looking for if you’re planning on selling your home. We look at your basement and then choose the cheapest and most effective method for you.

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Carbon Fiber Repair for Foundation Cracks

Carbon fiber strapping repair is the latest in foundation crack repair technology. Through this repair process, we use strong carbon fibers with low stretch properties that hold cracks together tightly. The epoxy this method uses is the absolute state of the art.

Through this method, Scaldino Basement Solutions has saved some customers over $15,000 they would’ve spent on a lengthy and difficult wall replacement. Carbon fiber strapping offers a much easier and economical solution.

Steel I-beam Repair

Our steel I-beam repair method will help preserve your home and stabilize your basement walls as they are, with custom-fit, zinc-plated steel beams. The steel beams are installed against your basement wall with powerful steel brackets anchored to floor joists and the basement floor. This method will secure your wall in its current state, without having to make any adjustments, and the steel I-beam system can be tightened during certain times, for added protection.

Our steel I-beam systems are coated with zinc to avoid corrosion and maintain durability and offer many benefits. Some of the benefits include:

  • Fast installation process
  • Long lasting and no corrosion
  • Doesn't disturb other areas of your home
  • Outside excavation not required
  • Walls won't slant or bow anymore

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