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Wall Cracks Repair in Central & Northern New Jersey & Staten Island, NY

Scaldino Basement Solutions is a family-owned and operated foundation repair company in New Jersey. We specialize in foundation wall cracks and have been serving the local residents for more than a decade. Our team consists of certified officials who offer consistent service throughout your experience with us. Foundation wall cracks may pose a greater danger to a property when water seeps in through the cracks, as it encourages mold growth. 

If your foundation wall shows signs of cracks and water leaking from them, then you need professional attention. It is crucial to fix the leak as soon as possible, or else water intrusion may damage the contents stored in your basement. Moreover, the water may promote mold growth, which will lead to more hectic problems for your property and family. These cracks may start from a small size, and might gradually grow bigger causing major water seepage & structural damage. 

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Causes of Wall Cracks

Hydrostatic Pressure

When rain falls, the soil outside the foundation wall expands and puts pressure on the wall. When the soil dries, it contracts and backs up, revealing weak spots that are affected the next time it rains. The process is repetitive and slowly damages the bonds between the wall block that leads to cracks. 

Poor Establishment

If a foundation wall is not established correctly, or poor materials are used then that wall is prone to wall cracks. Hydrostatic pressure and water can easily form a crack on such walls. 

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Cracks on the foundation is a major reason for concern because wall cracks may lead to mold growth, rotting materials, damaged contents, health issues, and more. Avoid such issues with our intensive service available 24/7 in Asbury, Edison, Howell, Norwood, and more surrounding cities across Central & Northern New Jersey & Staten Island, NY. If you notice cracks on your foundation walls then call Scaldino Basement Solutions today at 908-258-6561 or contact us online for a FREE ESTIMATE.