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Grate Products System

The Grate Products System for Basement Waterproofing

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Grate Products offers a closed basement waterproofing and drainage system that’s healthier for your family and your foundation.

What makes the Grate system unique is its ingenious dual chamber drainage channel. No other product in the industry works in the same way. It offers a way to draw water from both the outside walls and the center of the basement. Together with a specially designed vapor barrier, it is placed in a shallow trench to direct all water and moisture into its drainage conduit.

Access ports are located strategically along the system, making it easy to inspect and ensuring that it works efficiently for years to come. A Pro Series sump pump is encased in an airtight Grate Sump Liner and mounted in a way that doesn’t undermine the integrity of your foundation. It has a double-pump switch that guarantees it will turn on when it’s supposed to. Finally, it’s equipped with a strong seamless drain that removes all water every time and directs it away from the basement.

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