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Dry Rot Prevention & Removal in New Jersey & Staten Island, NY

Dry Rot Prevention in New Jersey & Staten Island, NY

Excess moisture is a common household problem that needs your full attention. Moisture makes your home vulnerable to dry rot, a type of fungus that breaks down wood fibers. Dry rot robs the wood of its strength and stiffness, giving it a cracked and brittle appearance. It can affect your home's wooden beams and walls, causing these structures to break and collapse – given enough time.

Contact Scaldino Basement Solutions immediately if you suspect that your home has dry rot. Our company has saved numerous homes from the damages caused by this fungus.

The Different Types of Dry Rot

There are two types of dry rot that can infest wood: white rot and brown rot. Brown rot targets softwood and causes the wood to turn dark brown, dry, and powdery. White rot targets hardwood and has a spongy texture and a stringy white or yellowish appearance. Because of the way it looks, it’s easy to mistake the rot for carpenter ant and termite damage.

Simple Dry Rot Prevention Methods

The best way to prevent dry rot from occurring is to control or eliminate excess moisture. There are a lot of ways to do this, but the simplest methods include:

  • Repairing water leaks
  • Upgrading your gutter and drainage systems
  • Installing a basement dehumidifier and sump pump
  • Basement insulation and crawl space encapsulation

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