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Mold Prevention in New Jersey & Staten Island, NY

Mold Prevention in New Jersey & Staten Island, NY

Excess moisture is bad for your property because it promotes the development of mold. A mold patch may have a colorful and fuzzy appearance, but your health will suffer if you allow it to spread. Mold is known to cause a series of illnesses and diseases like:

  • Allergies and asthmas
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Eye, skin, and throat irritation
  • Bleeding of the nose and lungs
  • Lung cancer

To prevent mold from showing up on your property, you need to eliminate or reduce moisture. Moisture creates damp environments, which make perfect habitats for mold. There are several ways to address excess moisture, but the simplest ones you can apply are listed below:

Search and Repair Water Leaks

Unpatched leaks can increase the levels of moisture in your property and cause indoor flooding. Dealing with that kind of water damage is more difficult, so you’d better search and repair the leaks in your building as quickly as possible. Most leaks are located on your roof, plumbing pipes, taps, and showerheads. If the leaks are simple, you can use common tools to repair them. However, contact the professionals at Scaldino Basement Solutions if the leaks are extensive or too difficult to fix. We have the experience and equipment to repair any level of water leaks.

Basement Insulation and Crawl Space Encapsulation

Cool temperatures and highly saturated air can cause condensation in your basement and crawl space. To prevent water vapor from forming around your metal plumbing pipes and concrete walls, you can insulate the basement and encapsulate the crawl space. The materials used in both insulation and encapsulation act as vapor barriers that prevent moisture intrusion. Also, they’ll keep the temperatures in these spaces more stable.

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Basement Dehumidifier and Sump Pump

For long-term moisture prevention solutions, consider installing a dehumidifier and sump pump in your basement. A basement dehumidifier reduces moisture by extracting humidity in the air. A sump pump, on the other hand, collects floodwater in its basin and drains it away from your property.

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