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Your home is most likely your largest investment. Why is Scaldino Basement Solutions the right choice? Here are a few benefits to consider:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with All Work
  • Transferable Lifetime Warranties
  • Over 30 Years Waterproofing Experience
  • Background-checked, Drug-free techs
  • Financing & Discounts Available
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Locally Owned & Operated

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Basement Waterproofing is not a one-size-fits-all type of service. We offer free, in-home estimates from professional contractors that will help you determine which option is best for you.

Sump Pumps

GrateSump™ Sump Pump System - is fully equipped with a Sump Pump, Liner, Alarm, Floor Drain and can also include an additional Battery Backup system for extra protection and peace of mind.

Our Sump Pump Systems are also fully compatible with our CrawlShield™ Encapsulation System to ensure that your crawl space is always protected.

Ideal for:

  • Mold or Moisture Damage
  • Standing or Pooling Water
  • Musty & Foul Odors

Drainage Systems

GrateDrain accepts ground water faster than any other drainage pipe on the market. It directs ground water from beneath the basement floor and the wall/footing joint to the sumpliner.

The GrateTrench™ is a closed drainage system that can be connected to any sub-floor drainage system or sump-liner and can be adjusted to any length.

Ideal for:

  • Wet or damp basement floor
  • Leaking or damp basement walls
  • Water seepage
  • Leaky basement windows

Crack Repair

The FlexiShield Crack repair system was designed to flex with the foundation and channel water from a leaking wall crack below the slab.

It consists of a strip of the FlexiShield drainage matting and textured urethane sealant and flexes with the foundation as it shifts during seasonal changes. It comes with a 5 year warranty, and it can be painted.

Ideal for:

  • Foundation wall & floor cracks
  • Leaking or damp basement walls
  • Bowing walls
  • Water seepage


Santa Fe Dehumidifiers - are powerful, energy-efficient, self-draining and covered with one of the best warranties in the industry.

We provide a full line of high-capacity, energy-efficient free standing dehumidifiers that are designed and manufactured for the ultimate in humidity control for basements, crawlspaces, and any other inside spaces that deserve the best in humidity control.

Ideal for:

  • High Humidity Levels
  • Mold or Moisture Damage
  • Increased Allergy Symptoms

Vapor Barriers

CrawlShield™ Encapsulation - is a patented and warrantied vapor barrier that can be installed in your dirt crawl space in less than a day!

We offer 16 mil & 90 mil Class A fire-rated Vapor Barriers that protect against moisture, mold, mildew, humidity, potential wall leaks and can also reflect indoor heat back into the basement space to help save energy

Ideal for:

  • High Humidity Levels
  • Musty & Foul Odors
  • Condensation in Ductwork

Waterproofing Before & After:

Read our Reviews

Geoffrey B.
Linden, NJ
5 Stars
Posted on Thumbtack
Dec 14th, 2016
Did an amazing job on waterproofing my basement even completing it with full renovation and finishing my entire basement couldn't be happier. Extremely knowledgable, very on punctual and with a proffesional crew. Highly recommend!
Tom P.
Westfield , NJ
5 Stars
Posted on Angie's List
Nov 4th, 2016
Replaced sump pump. They had waterproofed my basement a couple of years ago and did a great job with that, so I asked them to do the pump. Very clean, professional, and the price was what they quoted. Would use them again with no hesitation.
Debbi S.
Woodbridge, NJ
5 Stars
Posted on Yelp
Nov 3rd, 2016
Excellent Waterproofing Company ! I recently had a Complete Waterproofing System installed by Scaldiino Basement. Excellent Job, Professional Crew and Outstanding Customer Service. Nick Scaldino is very professional , honest with no pressure and answered our many questions. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of waterproofing or structural repair.
Gary M.
Linden, NJ
5 Stars
Posted on Angie's List
Nov 1st, 2016
Scaldino basement waterproofing came into my home to provide me with a free estimate and followed through with exceptional service. He was prompt, professional and knowledgeable. His team educated me on the process and provided me with a warranty, as he mentioned he does on all of his jobs.
Brenda H.
Somerset, NJ
5 Stars
Posted on Angie's List
Nov 1st, 2016
I don't even know where to start.
First, I want to say if you have water come into your basement and have spent days bucketing or manually pumping water out, then you should invest in putting a french drain. I'm a single parent and I'm not rich but I was just tired of this so I researched and researched and finally decided to go with Scaldino's. Why? Well, I got several quotes, some were $8,000 selling me their so called "invention" pipes. Other, bad mouthed other contractors. Nick came in to do the estimate and he gave me a nice quote. I was skeptical about the products since most others use different ones usually circular, but I researched them on youtube.
My quote time passed and well I emailed Nick and apologized for going over the quote time frame to finally say Yes. He actually was kind enough to accept it and we scheduled the work.
The work was achieved in 3 days. The crew came in with Nick explained what was going to happen and they put plastic to protect my things so no debris or dust would get on the. (thank you). The crew were very nice and worked very fast.
Two or three days after the work was done we got 2' of rain and it was a success! NO water came into my basement! The pump is super quiet, I didn't know water was being pumped out that day until I went downstairs to check. I was getting my kitchen remolded that day and my kitchen contractor commended the workmanship Nick's crew did. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ABOUT THEIR WORK??? It's outstanding!
I HIGHLY recommend a french drain in your basement and if you decide, I highly recommend Scaldino Basement Solutions!!! They beat the price and the workmanship!
Denise C.
Linden, NJ
5 Stars
Posted on Angie's List
Oct 28th, 2016
Worked for three days. Minimum dust and noise. Very friendly crew. Boss, Nick came to site every day to check up and answer any concerns we had. Cleaned up afterwards before leaving. Will definitely recommend to others.
Danielle S.
Jersey City, NJ
5 Stars
Posted on Angie's List
Oct 24th, 2016
We hired Scaldino Basement Solutions for an annual cleaning of the pumps they installed last year. They showed up on time (early even) on the scheduled day. Happy with the job they completed and continue to be pleased with the performance of the sump pump solution they implemented last summer. They were excellent corresponding with me via email to set up the appointment. We weren't in a rush for the cleaning, so this even involved Scaldino's remembering to put us into the schedule a couple weeks after I initially reached out rather than me having to email again to remind them (again, the delay was simply because we weren't in a hurry. I'm confident that if we'd had a problem, they would have quickly scheduled the work).

It's a little thing, but it really impressed me. We live in a neighborhood with only on street parking. Most contractors will try to park as close as possible, even if it means parking illegally. I happened to be driving behind the Scaldino truck when he arrived at our house. The Scaldino employee actually took advantage of a spot a block away from our house, since he saw it was available. He ended up walking down the block, seeing there was a closer spot and moving his truck. Seems obvious, but it was a really responsible choice that so many contractors in our neighborhood don't make!
Mary D.
Avenel, NJ
5 Stars
Posted on Angie's List
Oct 10th, 2016
They arrived as planned, asked if they could use my driveway, very polite and professional. Nick arrived to make sure everything was going as planned. I left them and went to work. On the second day, same time, they were very careful with everything. Nick is very considerate, very helpful with answering any concerns. All in all, excellent in every way. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you so much.
Laurinda S.
Hazlet, NJ
5 Stars
Posted on Angie's List
Oct 6th, 2016
Where to start about how great this company is? All service was superior from start to finish. I started to get rain in my basement after hurricane Irene. After getting rain in my basement four times, I called several companies from Angie's list and got estimates from all of them. I called and got a calls back right away. Other companies wanted to do more work than was necessary or maybe not enough. Nick came by to give me an estimate within a week. His estimate for what I wanted done was spot on. The job I hired them for was to install a drain system on one side of my house as well as three new custom masonry window wells on the outside of my house. Halfway through the job we noticed there was mold on some of the wood paneling on another side of my house. I asked for a new estimate to extend the drainage to that side of the house and found it extremely reasonable. I decided to go ahead and have that side of the house done and they accommodated with no problem. I have hired them again.
Michael H.
Middletown, NJ
5 Stars
Posted on Angie's List
Sep 30th, 2016
We have had water problems in the basement since we moved in to the house over 15 years ago. Since the basement french drain has been put in a month ago, we have had not water in the basement and It has rained continuously for several days where the yard has been flooded. Overall great job!

After a year, we still have no water leakage in the basement! Great Job.
Alison S.
Mendham, NJ
5 Stars
Posted on Angie's List
Sep 30th, 2016
After 20 years of having a dry basement I was suddenly getting water coming through one of our window wells. They redug the window well and installed a drain which was attached to an interior pump so that any water that collected at all would be pumped outside of the foundation. Also they replaced my window and installed a water shield. I have not had a drop since. Very pleased.
Diego R.
South Orange, NJ
5 Stars
Posted on Angie's List
Sep 27th, 2016
Our basement had five to six inches of water following an intense deluge in the Spring. So we contacted three providers for estimates on waterproofing projects. We chose Scaldino basement, not just because we felt Nick Scaldino provided a fair price. But also because of his straight forward, no nonsense approach. He did not try to oversell or overwhelm with bells and whistles. He just gave us what I felt was an honest assessment of how best to keep out basement dry. And he patiently answered all our questions.
He also was professional, diligent and attentive. He was easy to reach on the phone and returned messages promptly. He worked with our town to get the necessary permits. The project took three days just as Nick explained that it would. On the first day Nick and his team (no subcontractors by the way -- all of the workers were Scaldino employees) showed up on time and quickly got to work. They clearly knew what they were doing and they were all very pleasant. Overall, it was a great experience and I enjoyed working with Nick.
Phyllis U.
Staten Island, NY
5 Stars
Posted on Angie's List
Sep 1st, 2016
Nick and his men arrived on time and were very professional. They kept everything as tidy as possible while working outside & made it easy to come in & out of the house during the day. Everything went extremely well
Dana G.
Staten Island, NY
5 Stars
Posted on Angie's List
Aug 8th, 2016
After reading the reviews on Angie's list and receiving an estimate from Nick, the owner of Scaldino, I decided to go with Scaldino Basement versus another competitor. I am very happy that I did. I had the whole basement waterproofed. Which consisted of a new sump pump, french drain system, dehumidifier, drain pipe installation, etc. The workers were very professional, courteous and prompt. Nick the owner was very pleasant and answered all my questions. The company did a great job and they completed my job within the time frame Nick said it would take. I am so pleased and thrilled with my basement! I highly recommend them. They were excellent!
Jerry P.
Staten Island, NY
5 Stars
Posted on Angie's List
Jul 11th, 2016
Demolitions and removal of of all exterior walls in basement. Installed new French drain system with sump pumps. Nick the owner was great and always available. His workers very nice and courteous. I would definitely use them and recommend them. I had gotten an estimate from a competitor and I am glad a chose Scaldino waterproofing.
Kirsty G.
Somerset, NJ
5 Stars
Posted on Angie's List
Jun 6th, 2016
Nick came out a few weeks ago to give an estimate for a new sump pump. He was very knowledgable and didn't push for anything more than what was requested. A few weeks later they came to do the installation. Nick arrived with his team of 3 and they quickly went to work. The chaps were very hard workers and finished the job within a few hours. The GrateSump looks great and I have confidence it will work wonders. I would highly recommend them for your basement waterproofing needs.
Geoffrey H.
Westfield , NJ
5 Stars
Posted on Angie's List
Jun 6th, 2016
I hired Scaldino Basement Solutions to waterproof and remodel my basement and I couldn't be happier with the work (see my other update for the basement remodeling job). Nick was prompt, professional and gave me an estimate right on the spot. He stuck to the dates provided and finished up in three days as stated. Since I hired Scaldino to remodel my basement they also gutted my entire basement during the three days so it might take less time if you are not having that done. The crew worked fast and cleaned up after the job was completed. If you want good quality work I highly recommend Scaldino Basement Solutions.
Geoffrey H.
Westfield, NJ
5 Stars
Posted on Angie's List
Jun 6th, 2016
I hired Scaldino Basement Solutions to gut and remodel my basement. My home was built in 1925 so you can imagine how old everything was; not to mention the basements at that time weren't designed to be a usable family space. Scaldino works with Choma Corp for all the basement work. They have done an exceptional job and I am thrilled with the end results. Mel, owner of Choma Corp, is extremely patient and will work with you on last minute design changes. We had all our piping (gas & water) re-routed through the beams, installed a new bathroom, added a new window, replaced all the existing windows, built a custom walk in closet, pantry, laundry room and work room, living room, installed new doors, framing, electrical work, leveling floor, sheet rock and painting. This was no easy job! Mel and his crew are very skilled in basement remodeling and I would highly recommend them for your basement needs.
Steve N.
Clark, NJ
5 Stars
Posted on Angie's List
Apr 7th, 2016
Outstanding inquiry response; superb verification of appointment dates; excellent quotation for work needed; diligent attention to needed work detailS

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