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Vapor Barrier

Vapor Barrier | Basement Wall Moisture Protection

Vapor Barrier

A highly effective and easy way to keep your basement safe from moisture is to install a low permeability vapor barrier along with the sealed Grate Drain system. Moisture in your basement can be harmful to your health and you home’s health. It can lead to mold and its negative health effects, as well as structural damage to your biggest investment, your home.

Performance & Choice

  • Finish Shield
    Finish Shield effectively protects against moisture, mold, humidity and potential wall leaks. It’s a fire retardant 16mm cross-laminated vapor barrier that’s perfect for finished basement walls. It’s also one of the most economical options on the market.
  • HD Finish Shield
    HD Finish Shield is a fire retardant 14mm wall vapor barrier that is very durable. It’s ideal for basement walls that you may not finish right away. It will protect your basement from moisture and its negative effects such as mold growth.
  • Thermal Shield
    Thermal Shield is a vapor barrier with double layers of bubbles, a foil face and true white poly on the back. One advantage that it offers over others is that while it protects your basement from moisture, it also insulates by reflecting heat back into the basement.

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