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Who We Are

Scaldino Basement Solutions was founded in 2010 by Nicholas Scaldino. Being a native to the New Jersey and Staten Island region, Nicholas is familiar with the challenges faced by homeowners in the area. Due to this and his background in masonry, Nicholas founded Scaldino Basement Solutions with a commitment to ensuring that families in the area live in dry, safe, and healthy homes. Founded on the principles of honesty, transparency, and genuine care for the community, Scaldino Basement Solutions has grown and now proudly serves the New Jersey and Staten Island regions with a variety of services including basement waterproofing, sump pump installation, foundation repair, and more. With each and every project that we undertake, we prioritize first and foremost the well-being of our clients. We consistently ensure that they receive top-notch service without any unnecessary upsells or exaggerated quotes and that our team is delivering the highest quality of customer service.  We are more than simply a service provider. At Scaldino Basement Solutions, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring the safety and health of homes in our beloved New Jersey and Staten Island, NY community. We strive to make sure that you are living your healthiest and best life and want to ensure that you are doing so at the best price point possible. We believe in fostering lasting relationships built on trust, understanding, and the shared goal of improving your quality and the quality of your home. 

The Scaldino Difference

At Scaldino Basement Solutions, our passion and objective is to ensure that families in the New Jersey and Staten Island area are protected and live in healthy, dry homes. We achieve this by utilizing cutting edge technology and guaranteeing that we are at the forefront or our field of expertise. Our services are designed to address the unique needs and challenges that you and your home may face, while also taking into consideration your budget. We promise to always deliver to you the highest quality services, along with our outstanding customer service. 

Owner Nicholas Scaldino

Why Choose Scaldino Basement Solutions for Your Home

At Scaldino Basement Solutions, we understand the importance of choosing the right team and company to work within your home. Below, we’ll detail a few reasons why choosing our team is best!
Individualized Consultation: In meeting with you and assessing your home and the challenges that you specifically are facing, we create plans that prioritize your health, safety, and satisfaction first. We begin by asking the proper questions and listening intently to your responses. We take all of this into account as we devise a specialized plan to take on your project and ensure that everyone on our team is in the know of the specifications of your project. We listen and we care.
Customized Solutions: We value the variety of our clients' needs and the challenges that it has presented us. These have allowed us to become more well versed in our industry and expand upon our expertise. There are no cookie-cutter approaches here, but highly specialized solutions that solve your specific indoor basement challenges. We work with you to ensure that you are provided the best solution for your challenge and that you are happy with the plan we have to remedy this. 
Cost-Effective Strategies: We are problem solvers, and are committed to proving to you that we have your best interest in mind. When we identify your problem, our team provides you with all of the cost-effective solutions that keep expenses under control while reducing liability. Your bottom line is important to us and we want you to know that we take this into account as we assess your specific situation. 
Industry Expertise: At Scaldino Basement Solutions, we pride ourselves on remaining ahead of the curve through the use of cutting-edge technology and techniques, ensuring that our services remain at the forefront of our industry. Our team regularly participates in continuing education, so that we stay in the know of our industry and so that we can provide the best solutions to you! 

Meet the Team

At Scaldino Basement Solutions, we proudly bring you the best team in the industry. Each member of our team is committed to providing the highest quality of services, accompanied by quality customer interactions. Meet us below!

Nicholas Scaldino


Keith Baicker

Operations Manager

David Gilgore


Office and Admin

Elena Salgado


Victoria Williams


Isaiah Menendez

Project Manager

Mitch Weiss

Project Manager

Sam Robinson

Project Manager

Service and Production

Adrian Logan

Service Department

Rob Mount

Service Department

Alejandro Ortiz

Crew Leader

Estena (Johnny) Cruz

Crew Leader

Alex Munguia

Basement Technician

Andres Fuentes

Basement Technician

Concepsion Del Cid

Basement Technician

Jose Velasquez

Basement Technician

Juan de Leon

Basement Technician

Lenny Mejias

Basement Technician

Myker Del Cid

Basement Technician

Pablo Erazo

Basement Technician

Rodolfo Bolivito

Basement Technician

Sergio Sanchez

Basement Technician
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At Scaldino Basement Solutions we stands by New Jersey and Staten Island, NY families in their journey to achieving a healthier home. We promise to deliver the highest quality and oustanding customer service.

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