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Premier Moisture Control Solutions in New Jersey and Staten Island, NY

We provide comprehensive moisture control systems that address the difficulties that humidity presents. Excess moisture not only damages structures, but it also affects air quality, making living areas less comfortable and, in some situations, harmful to one's health. Mold development, a direct result of excessive moisture, can cause respiratory problems and worsen allergies.

Scaldino Basement Solutions is your dedicated partner in providing a healthy living environment for your family. Our innovative processes and technology effectively balance indoor humidity, avoiding the numerous problems caused by moisture accumulation. With our knowledge, we not only maintain your home's solid foundation, but also contribute to the entire well-being of its people inside. 

By managing indoor moisture levels, we create homes that breathe easily, allowing families to live happily without the fear of mold, mildew, and other moisture-related issues. Your home's health has a direct impact on your family's well-being. Trust Scaldino Basement Solutions to keep both in top condition.

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Proactive Moisture Control

Don’t wait for visible mold patches or evident structural damage to take action. Trust your senses, and at the first hint of moisture-related concerns, reach out. Being proactive with moisture control is not just about safeguarding your home’s structural integrity; it’s about ensuring a healthy, safe, and comfortable living environment for your family.

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